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NEW DESIGN: VOTE for My Future

I am SO EXCITED to share this new edition to the Joey for Roo shop: a limited edition "VOTE for My Future" bodysuit! As we are officially less than a month away from Election Day 2020, it is more important than ever to remember what is at stake. It's not just about us and what we need right now; it's about the future that we want to create for our kids. Personally I hope that future can at the very least include a leader who will denounce white supremacy, but that is exactly why we have to use our voices and VOTE. ⠀

My parents taught me that voting should never be selfish. It is both a right AND a privilege and we should never take it for granted. Voting should be an act that considers not only "what is best for me?" but also "what is best for my family, my neighbors, my community, and the millions of people in this country who have struggles I will never know?" This year I am grateful to add "what is best for my kiddo's future?" to that list of considerations. I'm voting for our immediate future and for his far-away future; a future that will hopefully be equitable, kind, and safe.

Check out the different color options (heather navy, white, and indigo) and then head to the store to purchase: Orders will ship out ASAP. Want to make a difference with your purchase? Write "Biden" in the notes section and I will donate $5 to the Biden/Harris campaign! ⠀

Are you registered to vote? Already voted? Tell me in the comments!

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