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I'm Celebrating Me

As this year's Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week comes to a close, I'm choosing to do something I don't feel very comfortable doing: celebrate myself.

The past two years have not been easy. I dealt with prenatal and postpartum depression, along with postpartum anxiety and OCD, and lots of other life difficulties thrown in. But I am resilient and I am strong and I am courageous. I found support for myself even when my doctors wouldn't. I shared my story over and over and over again, vulnerably and honestly, in hopes that it might make a difference for someone else. I started this small business in order to create constant meaningful reminders for parents that are there when they need them. And throughout all this, I am a damn good mama to my son.

Motherhood is not easy and it's nothing like what I expected or hoped for. But the truth is, I don't think I'd have it any other way. My journey is part of what makes me who I am and I know I'm going to be stronger for it. The only thing I would change is the lack of support and understanding from our healthcare system and society as a whole. We have to make it okay to talk about not being okay. Now more than ever, we need to acknowledge the struggles of motherhood and parenthood and humanhood and demand the support we deserve. Maternal healthcare matters because mothers and parents and families matter. We matter.

Please join me in celebrating yourself today! Even if it's just ONE thing, please tell me what you are celebrating about YOU in the comments!

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