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Finding Support During COVID-19

How are you finding support in this time of isolation? Personally, FaceTime and Marco Polo and Zoom have become my best friends. Just seeing the faces of people I love move in real time has become so important.

Sometimes though, that amazing friend and family support isn’t quite enough. I am super grateful that my therapist was able to adapt to tele-health appointments because man, those have been crucial. Did you know that a lot of pregnancy and postpartum support groups, like the ones at The Womb Room in Baltimore, have gone virtual? I’ll admit it’s not the same as in-person, but I’ve found so much support in digital meet-ups like the Friday Fireside chats with Mother Honestly. It’s strange how connecting with a group of total strangers over a shared experience or feeling via Zoom can make you feel less alone.

If you need help finding digital support right now, we’ve got your back. Check out our list of virtual resources, including free support groups and webinars, on our website here.

How have you been finding support through this time? Tell me in the comments!

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